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Microblade Pricing

Microblade Brows...Pricing

First Appointment - $300*

Includes in-depth consultation, personalized brow design, precise color matching and application of brows.

Perfecting Session - $250

Includes a complete evaluation of the results from your initial appointment. The brow design is then perfected to achieve the desired end result.

This session should be scheduled 6 to 8 weeks after your initial appointment and is necessary to complete your new brow design. The brows are not considered finished without it.


Brow Design Package - $550*

Initial brow design appointment (4 hours)

Follow-up appointment in 6 weeks (1.5 hours)



3 to 6 Months - $120

6 to 9 Months - $220

9 to 12 Months - $320

12+ Months will be treated as a new brow design


*$100 deposit required at time of scheduling.

**A complete brow design must be completed before a touch-up can be scheduled.


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