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Microblade Pricing

Microblade Brows...Pricing

First Appointment - $300

Includes in-depth consultation, personalized brow design, precise color matching and application of brows.

Perfecting Session - Price Varies

Includes a complete evaluation of the results from your initial appointment. The brow design is then perfected to achieve the desired end result.

This session is necessary to complete your new brow design. The brows are not considered finished without it.

$200 - If your perfecting session is paid for at the time of your first visit you will receive a $50 discount.

$250 - If you should decide to pay for your perfecting session at a later time. However, please keep in mind you must schedule your perfecting session no longer that 8 weeks from your original session.


Brow Design Package - $550*

Initial brow design appointment (4 hours)

Follow-up appointment in 6 weeks (1.5 hours)



3 to 6 Months - $120

6 to 9 Months - $220

9 to 12 Months - $320

12+ Months will be treated as a new brow design


*$100 deposit required at time of scheduling.

**A complete brow design must be completed before a touch-up can be scheduled.


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