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Microblading...Are You a Candidate?

What is your skin type?

The best candidate for microblading is normal to dry skin. If you have more oily skin and larger pores, the finished results might appear softer and more powdery looking.

Have you ever had a traditional eyebrow tattoo?

If you have had your brows previously tattooed at a deeper level with the use of a gun, you may not be a candidate for microblading.

Have you had a facial laser treatment?

If so, you may not be a candidate.

Do you have Rosacea?

Due to the complications of this skin type, you are not a candidate for brow microblading.

Are you pregnant or nursing?

To err on the side of caution, it is not recommended that you have this service.

Are you over the age of 18?

If so, you are legally allowed to give your consent for the microblading service.

Are you currently or have you taken Accutane within the past year?

You are not able to have the microblading service unless it has been over a year since your last dose of Accutane.

Do you tan in the sun or tanning bed?

We cannot perform a microblade semi-permanent tattoo on freshly tanned or sunburned skin. You will need to wait at least 30 days since your last tanning session to schedule your appointment.

Do you take prescribed blood thinners?

Since there is a higher risk for bleeding and excessive bleeding hinders the final result, you do not qualify for the service unless you have written permission from your doctor that you can be off blood thinners.

Do you use any type of product that thins the skin? This may include products such as a tretinoin (ie. Retin-A), glycolic acids or exfoliators?

You are a candidate. However, you will need stop the use of these types of products near the brow area at least two weeks prior to having your brows microbladed.

Do you get chemical peels?

It must be at least 60 days since your last chemical peel and you cannot get a chemical peel for at least 60 days after. All chemical peels after you receive your new brows should not be performed on or near the brow area as this can dramatically lighten the tattoo.

Do you swim or are you going on a beach vacation?

As with any type of tattoo, it is recommended to avoid pools, salt water and extreme sun exposure for at least two weeks following your appointment.

Are you prone to Keloid scarring?

If so, you are not a candidate.

Do you have any scars in the brow area? This includes a scar from a piercing.

You are a candidate, however, the scarred area may not take the pigment.

Have you had a forehead lift?

This can affect natural brow placement. Consultation is advised.

Do you get botox injections in the forehead and brow region?

You must not have botox at least 2 weeks prior to your microblade appointment and not get botox at least 30 days after.

Do you have alopecia or trichotillomania (compulsive pulling of body hair)?

The less hair the brow area has, the more two dimensional the overall look is going to be. It is possible you may have to have more than two sessions to achieve your desired result. If there is even a little hair, it adds to the 3D effect of the microbladed brow; giving a more natural look.

Do you have eczema or dermatitis in or around the brow area?

Either of these conditions will adversely affect the skin's receptivity of the pigment. Therefore, you would not be a good candidate for microblading.

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