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Custom Spray Tan - $38

Experience the difference!

Custom Spray TanGet the safest, most natural looking tan of your life. Our spray tan specialists are trained to give a completely customized tan that looks like you've just come from the beach. Unlike a booth, solution is applied to work with the contours of your body and give you an individual sun-kissed look.

Aviva Labs solutions are 100% organic with a minimum of ingredients and, best of all, fragrance free.

This tan requires you to wait at least 8 hours before rinsing.

Custom Spray Tan Express - $50

Get Sprayed. Get Showered. Go have fun!

This is a great option for those that can't or don't want to wait the 8 hours before rinsing. You can rinse as early as 30 minutes for a light color and a maximum of 4 hours for the darkest color. Available tone is:

Honolulu - Inspired by the islands of Hawaii, this rich chocolately brown tan looks flawless and natural on every skin type.

Half Body Option - $30 to $42

Choose between your upper body (waist up) or lower body (waist down).

Regular $30

Express $42


Before Your Spray Tan

After Your Spray Tan

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